Consulting is an intimidating word when it should only represent a meeting of the minds towards a common goal. Whether you need a partner to build something with you from the ground up or just need a second set of eyes on your plans, these packages are catered to your needs based on deliverables, timing, and ultimately, results whether on-site or executed virtually. The mindset I instill in my clients is to always prep for growth, not maintenance. Working efficiently from the start will allow you to accurately assess the initial round of work and pivot your adjustments to allow for maximum results.

People often have different preferences on internal projects when it comes to planning, execution, or just one of the two; bringing in an outside opinion can eliminate tension and bring innovative ideas to the table. Kendall is no stranger to all sides of the fence with a background managing large teams, developing campaigns and KPI's, casting a team for execution, and ensuring that all marks are hit and ready to analyze the results. Her background in corporate retail, talent management, and public relations all add value to campaigns in both a qualitative and quantitative capacity. These projects have consisted of financial loan preparation, multi-city event building, influencer campaign activations, and more.

Building a creative career is hard, and finding someone your trust to help you manage it is even harder. Although there are many tiers to talent management, having someone guide you through brand development, career coaching, and project management will allow you to shift your focus to your creative direction without distraction. With both non-exclusive and exclusive options, you can bring someone in to manage the details by project or your career as a whole. Management extends past the day to day as Kendall likes to work with her talent to create longevity with their brands across multiple platforms. Often this means expansion into new fields such as podcasts, live touring, event series, music, appearances, film, and more.

Sometimes your brand can hit a wall with growth and need an outside opinion to get back on track, or you just need someone to take your creative brand and create a strategy for monetization. With 5+ years of corporate retail and overall brand strategy experience, Kendall has a proven track record of building sales channels from top to bottom for wholesale, e-commerce, as well as brick-and-mortar retail. With sales channels changing more than ever you have to keep a fresh strategy in place that reacts to the market on a daily basis and constantly build towards an innovative strategy.

Branding is a strategic identity built to speak to your audience, and is far more important than one would think. From your overall social media aesthetic, the tone of voice you use to (digitally) speak, down to the typography and color palettes you select, your audience will recognize and resonate with your choices. Further, identifying who your audience is and what they are looking for is often a skipped step in the process of developing your brand's identity. Building mood boards and style guides are both included in any discovery session and allows you to bring your brand into a tangible asset. Copywriting, Graphic Design for primary and secondary logos, EPK/Media Kit Design, and more are available through our team.

Sometimes the little things add up, but don't forget it's the little things that keep your business going. After years of juggling a full time career all while building her freelance business on the side, Kendall increased her efficiency with the more tedious tasks in order to keep it all in line.

These tasks can include:
- Transcription
- Social media management
- Copywriting
- Calendar management
- Scheduling